Internal Medicine

Internal medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment as well as rehabilitation and aftercare of disorders and diseases of the respiratory system (pneumology), the heart and circulation (cardiology), the digestive organs (gastroenterology and hepatology), the kidneys (nephrology), the blood and the blood-forming organs (hematology), the vascular system (angiology), metabolism and internal secretion (endocrinology and diabetology), the immune system (immunology), the supporting and connective tissue (rheumatology) and infectious diseases (infectiology and tropical medicine), intoxications (toxicology), solid tumors and hematological neoplasia (oncology), and the influence of training and sport on the healthy and sick people (internist sports medicine).

Our focus is on the prevention and diagnosis of health disorders. If necessary, a rapid forwarding to the respective specialists for specific therapy takes place. In addition to the broad general medical specialty, but also the primary care with coordination between the service providers in the health service and home visits are part of the scope of our practice.